Paleo CrossFit Athlete Completes 6 Marathons In 6 Days

Think you can’t fuel a WOD on Paleo? How About a Marathon? In fact, How about 6 MARATHONS IN 6 DAYS? Well, CrossFitter Tom Wyles joined forces with PALEO IN A BOX, The PERFORMANCE ENHANCED PALEO nutrition program to try and see if we could prove two things; could someone complete the ‘Marathon Des Sables‘…

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Juicing or Blending?

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday. I took her to see a show in London’s Prince Edward theatre near Soho. It was a great night but the night finished extremely late, which as you may know, for me isn’t a great combination. Just one hour less sleep in one night can leave me feeling groggy and…

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Fish Oil & Prostate Cancer – Do I Need to Panic?

Hey, there’s a recent rumor going around that consumption of fish oil can cause prostate cancer. Well to be accurate, the rumor is more like, supplementation of fish oil can give you a 71% chance of getting prostate cancer. While we’d all like to pretend it’s baseless, the statement above was declared once it was…

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HELP! Two UK Kids Get Invited To The Games But Can’t Go… Yet!

Imagine if you were invited to the Crossfit Games to compete but you couldn’t afford the trip from the UK. That’s the current situation for two UK based athletes Evie Hollis and Tom Harri who are desperately trying to raise sponsorship for their trip, but time is running out. They will be part of the The CrossFit Kids Varsity Gauntlet…

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MAXIMISE Your Genetic Potential!

I had and awesome chat with my good friend Ruairi this morning (actually been having a few of those recently, good guy, very knowledgeable) about ‘genetic potential’. A phrase I’ve been using for many years now and one you may have even used yourself. It’s an interesting phrase and one which can spark an interesting…

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Boost Athletic Performance WITHOUT Food! (Part 3 / 4)

PART 1 – Exactly What To Consume Before A WOD Part 2 – Best Supplement For WOD Performance  Part 3/4! Is It Possible To IMPROVE Performance By Working Out On An Empty Stomach? Fasting can : Rest your digestive system Cleanse and detoxify the body Promote greater mental clarity Cleanse and heal “stuck” emotional patterns…

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#1 Best Supplement For WOD Performance (Video 2/4)

Welcome to video number two of four! If you are looking for video 1 in this Paleo For Performance series please click here for Exactly What To Consume Before A WOD And in this one, I want to give you my TOP 3 natural antioxidant supplements for PERFORMANCE in order! There are many viable reason…

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EXACTLY What To Consume Before a WOD (Video 1/4)

Pre WOD Nutrition WELCOME to your video series ‘Paleo for Performance’ VIDEO 1/4. In this video series we will be visiting some important aspects of nutrition that you can use RIGHT NOW to see a significant improvement in strength and WOD times! Pre WOD Nutrition In this first video, on your ‘Paleo for Performance’ series I…

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Paleo Endurance Athletes – Eat These Foods Post Workout To Recover Quickly & Stop Food Cravings!

Hey PIBers! I’ve been getting a few questions in my VIP area and emails on the same subject very recently from athletes who are on my Paleo in a Box system, wondering how they can overcome some problems with regards to continuing to eat paleo coupled with endurance events and endurance training. Paleo Works! Now…

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Food is fuel

PALEO SNACKS! Healthy Paleo Friendly Food To Keep You Fuelled

One of the hardest things when switching over to a paleo lifestyle is the fact that you feel like you’re missing out. While all your friends, family and colleagues chow down on Cheetos, chocolate and crisps (chips), you’re left with no real alternative or any other option but beef jerky…AGAIN, which doesn’t make it easy!…

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